Warning: Masaryk University users targeted by malware

In recent days, Masaryk University's cybersecurity team has seen a new sample of malware targeted at Masaryk University users. 

5 Jun 2020

What’s the threat about?

The Cybersecurity Team of Masaryk University would like to inform you about an increased risk of being targeted by phishing emails. These emails contain a suspicious link to download an unknown file. Note that the presence of the download link in the email is not explained in any way. By downloading this file, the user infects the device with very sophisticated malware. 

Attackers proceed as follows: gain access to the e-mail address - find a trusted conversation in the inbox - send e-mails with a link to download an unknown file that contains malware. You can see an example in the red box in the picture below.

This current threat is a textbook case of what the average user encounters with a certain regularity. We, therefore, recommend the following digital habits: 

  • Don't click on links in email messages. 
  • Never download files from unexpected email attachments. 
  • Focus on just one activity at a time. 
  • Verify that the sender's name matches the email address. 
  • If you receive a suspicious email, please report it to the CSIRT-MU team.

In conclusion

In connection with the current situation, we would like to point out Cybercompass, our course about the fundamentals of information security  for users. Especially its online lesson on Self-defense. 

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