Cybersecurity Team of Masaryk University

It is part of the Institute of Computer Science and it consists of three groups:
• Incident Response Group,
• Proactive Security Group,
• Secure Digital Identities Group.
All three groups work together on protection of the Masaryk University network and another cyber security tasks.

Basic information about our team

• CSIRT-MU was founded in May 2009.

• We were accredited by Trusted Introducer in 2011 and on 5th December 2016 we were also certified.

• We protect computer network of Masaryk University, more specifically: 

• all IPv4 adresses in range,
• all IPv6 adresses in range 2001:718:801::/48,
• and domain

• Our competencies are formally stated in the Rector's Directive No. 9/2017 Administration of information technology and No. 10/2017 Use of information technology.

• We cooperate on cybersecurity projects with public and private sector. The subject of projects is research and devolopment in cybersecurity.

• For an example in cooperation with National Security Authority we created unique cyber exercise and research platform called KYPO.

• We are also involved in academic activities.

• We conduct applied research.
• We educate students in our own courses.
• We also regularly attend academic conferences.

Our goal is to contribute to higher level of cyber security in the Czech Republic and the world.