Cybersecurity Team of Masaryk University

We protect the cyber environment of MUNI

Masaryk University is a modern educational institution for which a safe cyber environment is essential. Our goal is to make sure that it is really true.

Our team here was founded on June 29, 2009, when it was also registered by the Trusted Introducer organization. The organization brings together European national, academic and commercial computer security teams. Less than two years later, on February 1, 2011, the CSIRT-MU was also accredited by this organization.

On December 5, 2016, we managed to obtain certification from the Trusted Introducer, as the first security team in the Czech Republic. The certification has brought a number of improvements to the functioning of the team and it is also a confirmation of our level internationally.

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Activities of CSIRT-MU

We have been protecting the cyber environment of Masaryk University for more than ten years, we are the first certified security team in the Czech Republic, we have long been engaged in scientific research and sharp practice, and we have the lion's share in the fact that the cybersecurity of the Czech Republic is guarded from Brno.

Protection of Masaryk University

Our field of activity is the MU university network, specifically:

all IPv4 addresses from the range

all IPv6 addresses from the range 2001:718:801::/48

domain muni.cz

Our competencies are then formally set out in the rector's directives no. 9/2017 Information Technology Administration and no. 10/2017 Use of Information Technologies. It is mainly the coordination and security incidents solving in the MU network, communication with the superior security team of the CESNET academic network and with IT MU administrators.

You can learn more in the section that deals with our services.

our services



We participate in a number of projects whose focus is research and development in the field of cybersecurity. We often work with public and private sector entities on these projects.


For example, we have created the Cybernetic Polygon platform and in cooperation with the National Office for Cybernetic and Information Security (NÚKIB) we regularly organize Cyber Czech security exercises.

However, there is much more, you can find out details in the section about our projects.


Academic activity

We do research, go to conferences and write professional publications on various topics related to cybersecurity. Today, we specifically focus on measuring and analyzing network traffic, network security, and the environment for security research and education.

Our team also passes on its knowledge to students on a long-term basis through leading final theses, internships and teaching their own subjects. Thanks to our team, the Cybersecurity Laboratory was established in 2018 at FI MU, focusing on practical training in the field of cybersecurity.


Cybersecurity is important for everyone. Therefore, we do not want to share our knowledge only in professional circles.

Since 2012, we have been appearing in the media, producing our own popular educational content, participating in and organizing various educational events. We have also created special security.muni.cz website for our university, which deals with educational activities for students, teachers and staff, in the form of courses, articles and by the sharing of latest information. 

More information about our activities

If you want to know even more about what we do, you can go through the other sections on the website. You can also examine our annual reports, or take a look at the reports from the ICS.

“The future of cybersecurity is full of questions. However, we know for sure that we want to be among those who influence it. Our mission is to build a safer cyber environment for all of us.”

Our mission

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