We are celebrating 10 years!

See the ten milestones linked to our most essential activities, which together make up CSIRT-MU as you know it today.



the certified cybersecurity team in the Czech Republic

10 years

we protect the entire MUNI

541 015

successfully resolved incidents



How was it with us, is it and will be?

  • 2009


    The whole story of the CSIRT-MU team began on 29 June 2009. At that time, we were officially listed on the Trusted Introducer, which brings together European security teams. CSIRT-MU aims to protect the university and participate in raising the level of cybersecurity in the Czech Republic and abroad.

  • 2010


    It is a necessity in cybersecurity, and we have been able to cooperate with the best - from the public and private spheres, both in the Czech Republic and abroad. From the National Cyber ​​and Information Security Bureau, through the United States Army to NATO.  


  • 2011


    Masaryk University is a modern educational institution for which a safe cyber environment is essential. Our goal is to make sure it is. Since 2011, we have been solving automated incidents with the vast majority of security incidents and continuously improving our services.

  • 2012


    Cybersecurity is essential for all. Therefore we do not want to share our knowledge only in professional circles. Since 2012 we have been performing in the media, producing our accessible educational content, participating and organizing various educational events.

  • 2013


    In 2013 we acquired four major projects that started our research. Today, we are dedicated to measuring and analyzing network traffic, network security and security research and education environments. The most important projects include KYPO - cybernetic polygon, Center of Excellence C4e, and European Horizon 2020 projects.

  • 2014


    If we can, we will help. In 2014, in cooperation with the Czech police, we contributed to the detection of a hacker who had attacked and abused approximately 1,500 computers on a long-term basis. Three years earlier, we managed to detect and put a botnet named Chuck Norris on the shoulder blades.  

  • 2015


    It is the only cyber-security exercise in the Czech Republic. It aims to prepare security personnel for work under the pressure of a massive attack. In 2015, we became one of the founders, and since then, we have been cooperating with the National Cyber ​​and Information Security Authority on all its implementations.

  • 2016


    We used everything we learned to prepare for the Trusted Introducer certification. In 2016, we were able to obtain it as the first security team in the Czech Republic. Certification has brought a number of improvements to the functioning of the team and is also a confirmation of our level internationally.

  • 2017


    Being a certified team does not just mean improving our services. It is also the mission to participate in building a cybersecurity community. Therefore, we actively help other teams - Czech and foreign, from universities and corporations. We even helped set up a team at the University of Ostrava.

  • 2018


    In the long term, we pass on our knowledge to students through leading theses, internships, and teaching several of our subjects. Thanks to us, the KYPOLAB laboratory was established at FI MU in 2018, focusing on practical training in the field of cybersecurity.

  • 2019


    The future of cybersecurity is full of question marks. However, we know that we want to be among those who influence it. Since 2019, we have joined three European Horizon 2020 projects with the same goal. Together we want to build a safer cyber environment for all of us.