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Users education is also an important activity for our team. Here are some tips on preventing security incidents. In addition to some basic advice, we will also introduce you to the Cybercompass course, prepared for you by CSIRT-MU experts.


Cyber Compass

The Cybersecurity Team of Masaryk University has also prepared a cybersecurity basics course for you. We chose practical information and prepared understandable guides, thanks to which you’ll act responsibly in cyberspace. Invest in yourself and gain knowledge that the university, employers, and you will truly appreciate and use.

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You can also take a look at the Cybersecurity series, which we have prepared for you.

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Basic tips on preventing security incidents

Here are the top five tips on securely working with information technologies and safely surfing the internet. We aim to help you actively prevent the threats you face in your day-to-day activities in cyberspace. The golden rule is not to underestimate prevention.

  1. Back up your most important data regularly, ideally in multiple locations.
  2. Always keep your operating system, software, and anti-virus protection up to date.
  3. Choose phrase passwords that are hard to guess and easy to remember (for example: "steel squirrel doesn't jump").
  4. Be careful what you share about yourself online.
  5. Think critically and question information - the internet is full of scammers.

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