Instructions on what to do in case the website is hacked

  1. Disable the website.
  2. Contact us – send us basic information about the web (used technologies, versions, purpose) and the following data for forensic examination:
    • website access logs and web server logs
    • a complete copy of the website (if it is a separate virtual, then send a snapshot)
    • the output of the Lift tool, which collects data for forensic analysis
  3. We will analyze the website and find out what caused the attack
  4. Based on the findings, we will recommend to you how to secure the website (update, restrict access, change the password, uninstall unnecessary plugins, etc.).
  5. After securing the website according to our recommendations, you can make it available again.

If the context requires it, then only a fundamental analysis can be performed, and the restoration of the website from backups can be allowed. Additional security measures will be applied subsequently, according to the results of a more detailed analysis.​

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