Other projects


The amount of projects in which we have participated in is huge. This page presents short characteristics of the most interesting ones.


Technology for Processing and Analysis of Network Data in Big Data Concept (Security Cloud)

Project Security Cloud was focused on creating a technological solution for modern services and infrastructures. The main objective was to enable providers and users of network infrastructure and centralized services to uncover operational and security problems (e. g. attacks, anomalies).

The key technology called Stream4Flow was established within this project. The tool uses the best modern mechanisms for distributed current conduction of a large amount of data, visualization and network traffic monitoring  based on that, it is able to analyze network data in real time.


Czech CyberCrime Centre of Excellence (C4e)

We are participating in project C4e, which objective is creating a national centre for training and education in an area of prevention and repression of cybercrime.

The target group includes Police Czech Republic units. But the centre is being built within the intention of providing services for other target groups, for example, courts, public prosecution, advocacy, state institutions, private organizations and the academic sphere.


Security of Optical Components in Data and Communication Networks (BOP)

The purpose of the BOP project was the research and development of cybersecurity tools within high-speed networks. 

Project answers on current needs of Ministry of Interior. The results were used by cybersecurity team of Masaryk University (CSIRT-MU) for university network security improvements. 


No description

Mobile dedicated device for fulfilling capability to react to computer incidents (CIRC)

In the CIRC project mobile dedicated devices for fulfilling capabilities of reaction to computer incidents were created.

In the time of conducting the project, it belonged to one of the most important priorities of Ministry of Defence research and development.


No description


We participated in developing a system devoted for simple and fast exchange of detected threats between included CSIRT teams in WARDEN project. 

WARDEN enables simple and fast sharing information about detected anomalies between teams. The data are passed through the system and provides important information for ensuring security and for monitoring the state of the network.


No description


The purpose of the CYBER project was designing protection for information and communication systems against cyber attacks, so-called Cyber Defence.

In the time of project developing, it was one of the main thematic priorities of defensive research and development of Ministry of Defence.



The CAMNEP project was focused on designing and implementing a system for detection of penetration in high-speed computer networks. The system is based on a monitoring computer network with hardware accelerated probes called Flowmon, detection of network anomalies by agent´s layer and visualisation of a harmful network to an operator.

The project´s investor was Army of the United States of America (Command Center for Science, Research and Engineering).


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