Research and Development of Advanced Analytics Tools for Security and Performance Analysis of Network Infrastructure, Applications and Services 

IT Operation Analytics project (ITOA) is focused on two main objectives. The first one is analysing data from measuring the network traffic in term of performance characteristics of applications in the network. The second one is the complex processing the events from security and performance monitoring.


Currently, tools capable of complex evaluating the outputs generated from advanced technologies are missing on the market. Those technologies are creating hundreds of events, which have to be prioritized and solved adequately. IT specialists are facing uncountable operational, performance and security issues.

In the ITOA project, we are developing a software, which is able to monitor events in network traffic in the long run. The software also considers past and future state of the events during their evaluation and prediction of a development and in the same time, there occur a mutual correlation between events and their visualisation. This sophisticated insight helps us to understand the connections between ongoing actions in the computer network.

Technology and specifics

  • Advanced automatic analysis of network infrastructure behaviour
    ITOA performs automatic cause detection and prediction of operational, performance and security issues including their impact on network infrastructure, applications and services. The software automatically discovers complicated behavioural patterns and complex events in huge data amounts.

  • A simplified understanding of security events
    The software provides a former, current and predictive view of the network´s activities through the advanced analysis of time series. Also, using visualisation of acquired data eases the network managers to orientate in the data and due to prediction, it is also possible planning to optimally manage the network.


The software for collecting, visualisation, advanced analysis and interpretation of network infrastructure, applications and services behaviours offers the brand new technologies with global market potential. The major added value for administrators is faster and more accurate understanding of coherence between ongoing actions in the computer network.





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