CONCORDIA – Cyber Security Competence for Research and Innovation

CONCORDIA is one of four projects established as an appeal of EU's Horizont 2020 that deals with cybersecurity policies in the EU. Four-year project CONCORDIA started in January 2019 to connect cybersecurity competencies throughout Europe and build the ecosystem of cybersecurity. Its outcomes lead to strengthening European cybersecurity and digital sovereignty. The central coordinator of the project is research facility CODE from Bundeswehr University Munich.


Information and communication technologies are necessary for the development of Europe. Key aspects of development are re-evaluating approach to cybersecurity and cooperation.

In the field of cybersecurity of the EU, we find different areas of research, competencies, and projects, but most of them are saddled with local priorities and standpoints. This has an adverse impact, like fragmentation and discoordination, on the potential. CONCORDIA´s target is an integration of these various competitions into the European-wide network with experts knowledge.

This leads to the creation of constantly growing consortium consisting of 46+ significant partners from the industrial and academic sector.  Integration of competencies between them is going to make foundations to a European-wide cybersecurity ecosystem. Project CONCORDIA creates a plan for the next progress of European cybersecurity. This shows the effort for utilizing the European potential in this area, continuing with more project's activity from research, education, politics, development, and testing pilot prototypes.

Technology and specifics

Support for cooperation

CONCORDIA implements pilot project Cybersecurity Competence Network, created by a closely cooperating community of experts from the cybersecurity field, that will handle specific tools for research and development safety strategies.

Determination of orientation

Consortia of the project CONCORDIA elaborate EC Cybersecurity R&D Roadmap, that will set technological, social-economical, and legal plan of European cybersecurity.

The Agile and open approach

Project CONCORDIA uses an open and agile model of management and processes that gives the possibility to minimize needless bureaucracy and obstacles to a minimum and identifies potential future development of the projects. For establishing effective politics of cybersecurity, project CONCORDIA interconnects big research centers and small workplaces, which used to deal with cybersecurity queries isolated. Establishment of European competent network with agile and open approach integrates knowledge from communicational technologies and security across research centers and enables complex and effective utilization for shared goals.

Proactive management and adaptive processes

CONCORDIA uses adaptive processes and proactive management: such as strictly focused management, fixed division of competencies between partners, active engagement in testing, optimizing continues techniques as well as learning from mistakes, to create an internationally competitive research center for cybersecurity with effective cooperation and reaction to a fast-changing environment.

Further information

Masaryk University is a member of the consortium for project CONCORDIA specifical experts from Czech centrum excellence for cyber criminality C4e and team cybersecurity CSIRT-MU.

They participate in the area of technological cybersecurity questions, education, and law.  The project also significantly uses Platform KYPO.

Masaryk University has a leading position in the area of communication, dissemination, and increasing impacting outcomes all consortia.

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