We work on many projects which basic goal is to increase cybersecurity level in the Czech Republic and the world through research and development. In this section, we present only the most interesting projects of our team. 

Concordia – connect cybersecurity competencies throughout Europe and build the ecosystem of cybersecurity.

KYPO – research, development and setting-up of a platform for the analysis of threats to the security of critical information infrastructures.

C4e – collaboration of expert academic institutions in the field of cyber security research and development, protection of critical information infrastructures and law and implementation of excellent multi-disciplinary research.

SABU – development of the system for intelligent analysis and sharing of information about security incidents between involved security teams in the Czech Republic.

CRUSOE –  research on tools for situational awareness of CSIRT teams in the context of protecting critical information infrastructures.

ITOA – the objective of the project is to analyze data from network traffic measurements in terms of performance characteristics of network applications.

Cyber Czech – the unique cybersecurity exercise to practice defence against simulated cyber attack. 

Within some projects, we have developed a variety of useful tools. You can find their source codes on our GitHub profile.