Junior positions

Let's skip buzzwords. Cyber​​security is becoming more and more relevant and we are experts in it. We offer you the opportunity to cooperate with us and learn a lot.
Seize the opportunity to become a part of CSIRT-MU!


We are currently looking for

Forensic specialist

  • As part of your jobyou will work on identifying and analysing threatshelp develop tools that support these processes and solve security issues yourself 
  • We expect knowledge of Python, GNU Linux, computer networks, and finally a positive relationship with cybersecurity.  
  • We´ll teach you how to conduct forensic analysis of cybersecurity incidents 

Support KYPO

  • Help with the preparation of training and exercises in the KYPO environment and support of its users.

  • We expect experience in working/managing OS Linux and Windows, together with basic networking knowledge.

  • We will teach you to network and work with the cloud and KYPO.

Java developer

  • As part of this position, you will develop microservices in Spring Boot for the KYPO project.

  • We expect a good knowledge of Java and a basic knowledge of Maven.

  • We will teach you how to analyze, design, implement, and test REST services in the Spring framework.

C++ developer

  • In cooperation with Flowmon a.s. You will implement a system from the field of IT operation analytics (ITOA).

  • For this position, you need basic knowledge of C ++.

  • We will teach you how to develop in collaboration with an industry partner and work with Google Tests C ++.

Frontend developer

  • Your work will be the development of interactive visualizations.

  • We expect basic orientation in the area of ​​web technologies, especially Angular, D3.js, HTML5, and Node.js.

  • We will teach you how to use interactive, cybersecurity visualizations for practice and research.


Your office will be at FI MU, and you will have the benefit of organizing your work schedule according to your needs. Moreover it is possible that we will write a final thesis together.


Students can also start their academic career with us. We have already supervised many high-quality final theses and look forward to more.

details and topics

Learning is a lifelong process. We share knowledge (and continually gain new ideas for reflection) in several courses.

course offer

In cyberspace, the one with experience wins the game. As a student, you can participate in our projects and thus broaden your horizons and portfolio.

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