Security exercises for your organization

For interested organizations, we offer the opportunity to carry out a security exercise based on Cyber ​​Czech exercises in Cyber ​​Range (KYPO). As part of the practice, participants will try to solve security incidents together with work under increasing pressure from ongoing attacks.

Who is the exercise intended for?

The exercise is intended primarily for system and network administrators and security team members (CSIRTs). It is also suitable for security managers and coordinators to a limited extent.

Participants are expected to have a good knowledge of Linux or Windows operating systems and at least basic knowledge of computer security. Knowledge of incident handling procedures and the Cyber ​​Security Act is an advantage.


Exercise is possible for up to 6 teams of 4 players, ie, a total of 24 playing persons. In the practices, we always take care to create optimally balanced teams.

How does exercise work?


    • introducing players to the game environment, exercise scenario and rules

    • most of the day, players strive hard to secure the assigned infrastructure


    • players deal intensively with 6 hours of ongoing attacks, communicate with the environment and monitor the ongoing evaluation

    • a brief evaluation will take place at the end of the day

    • an evaluation workshop follows the exercise

Contact us if you are interested in exercising or want to know more.



Are you interested in details about the Cyber ​​Range?

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We participate in the organization of a unique security exercise.

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